Facts about Renato Langfeldt:

Born in Brazil of Norwegian parentage.

Worked as a Photo Journalist for Moto Sport Magazine, Magazine WHO, and other regional publications in Curitiba, Brazil.

In 1986 started his own Studio in Curitiba, Brazil, with emphasis on Advertising, Fashion and Glamour Photography.

In 1991 he moved to Itajai, Santa Catarina State in Brasil and opened a branch office of Studio Langfeldt there.

He received his first award "Hering Christal Brush" for his engagement in Photography in 1991.
In 1993 a second award was received, "Photography Personality of the Year".

Late 1993 he moved to Norway where he, in 1994, resumed his activities as a commercial, fashion and glamour photographer.

Renato has had photos published in several international recognized magazines, such as Passion, Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar as well as various Norwegian and Brazilian magazines. He published a cook book together with Nils Erik Egeberg and Esben Hoff, "Crossover Food and Cigars, The Good Tastes" in 1998.

He has illustrated with his photos a football/soccer books as well as many drink ones including Butlers Bartenders Lexicon, which is the largest published cocktail book with more than 5.000 recipes published in many languages.

Renato has had many exhibitions covering Nudes and Abstract Still-Life.

In 2003 he received both the Silver and Gold Awards in Advertisement Photography promoted by "SablaBra - Kreativ Forum South" for 2002 campaigns. In addition, the same year he illustrated with photography "Norwegian Gold Winner" in Bar Menu contest- Backgaarden Bar. This work has been praised in the international Bars and Cocktails communities.

In 2004 Renato was awarded with "Grand Prix"- SablaBra - Kreativ Forum South's Honorable Award annual Advertisement contest for 2003 as well as Gold, Silver and Diploma in Advertising Photography category.
Renato was also awarded the same year with Gold and Silver in "Utsnitt 2003", the Norwegian most prestigious award a commercial photographer can receive in Nudes and Still-Life categories.

2005 proved to be a good year in contests too. Renato received many awards in various categories in "Utsnitt 2004" like: Gold in Business Photo category, Silver in Food Photography category, Diplom in both Still-Life and People Photography categories. At the same time he was awarded with Gold in Advertisement Photo "SablaBra - Kreativ Forum South" annual contest for 2004.?

In 2006 he was awarded with Silver medal in Landscape in "Utsnitt 2006".

Honorable degree was received in 2007 from the Norwegian Photographic association.

Late 2008 he closed his branch office in Kristiansand and currently he only undertakes Pro-Bono assignments in which he “burns for”.